Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arnold vs. V-Ray (significant difference)

The Arnold render took 1min 41 secs and V-Ray 11min 38sec. Also note: I am a lighting TD and have been working with V-Ray for over 3 years in production. I have V-Ray in the DMC workflow using QMC GI with 3 bounces and 8 subdivs (default). Arnold is also at 3 diffuse bounces.


  1. Wow~!!! "Arnold" so Fast!
    could i ask something?
    is Arnold Distribute Rendering possible?
    likes V-ray style

  2. Hey, I am not sure how to setup DR with Arnold but it is pretty nice :]

  3. ah~ ha
    yes so pretty nice
    Your picture tells it

  4. Get an interior shot in Arnold and try to render that with brute force only. Exterior sunlit balls?! I find this "comparison" way off and injustice, to say the least...

    1. I can do that ^__^...

      Definitely interior multi-bounce diffuse path tracing is the most difficult thing to resolve quickly...

      The lighting situation for the exterior is with IBL and camera projection (this is a typical setup for VFX pipeline).

      I am a hardcore V-Ray guy but I am appreciating Arnold for sure.

    2. For sure Arnold is probably the fastest brute force renderer of the two, but VRay strength lies in the Irradiance and Light Cache algorithms to produce equal results in a fraction of time. If brute force was the only option trough, Arnold would be the better choice.

  5. when it comes to rendering skin shaders and hair, arnold is not so fast at all.